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Our clients include both creators and users of copyrighted works -- from film, television and stage producers to web and print publishers, studios, photographers, artists, novelists, screenwriters, composers and record labels.  Digital media, such as web and mobile platforms, introduce new complexities and the law written for older forms of communications is constantly reinterpreted or rewritten.  Even relatively new legislation, like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that means to resolve emerging questions, creates new questions of its own.

Copyright issues arise in almost every transaction we are involved with.  For example, many transactions require a close examination of chain of title, and depending on dates of creation and publication, differing lengths of copyright may apply. Some copyrights require renewal to avoid entering the public domain.  Other copyrighted works (mostly those created after January 1, 1978) don't need to be renewed at all.  Rights granted by an author can be recaptured in many instances by the author's heirs and successors and by the author too, as long as formalities are observed. Although permission to use someone else's copyrighted work usually is required, the doctrine of fair use makes room for exceptions, such as for news and parody.  

We guide our clients through the copyright arena with a focus on efficiency and pragmatism.

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